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UACC Practical Skills: Aquatics is a Course

UACC Practical Skills: Aquatics

Started Jul 22, 2021


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Course Format

Self-Guided in Canvas (You will be able to access the course content once you have enrolled in the course.)

Instructor-led in Person (You will be able to sign up for an in-person session once you have enrolled in the course.)


Participants will be introduced to basic aquatic animal husbandry and health, requirements for aquatic animal research, facility oversight and given an introduction to common procedures.


This session will introduce participants to the use of aquatic species in research. In this course, participants will learn:

  • About the initial steps involved in using aquatic animals in research
  • How to acquire aquatic animals for research
  • About common housing and husbandry practices for aquatic species
  • About common diseases and how to assess the health of their aquatic animal
  • How to safely perform common procedures performed on aquatic species

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