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UACC Practical Skills: Rodent Anaesthesia

Started Aug 5, 2021


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Instructor-led in Person (You will be able to sign up for an in-person session once you have enrolled in the course.)


Participants will be introduced to the principles of laboratory rodent anaesthesia including pre-anaesthetic considerations, injectable anaesthesia, inhalant anaesthesia, analgesia, patient monitoring, life support, and post-anaesthetic considerations. Before attending the workshop, participants must review the anaesthesia workshop pre-requisite material and complete a drug dose calculation assignment.  The workshop will start with a short quiz, review of the drug dose calculation assignment, and discussion about anaesthetic procedures. Participants will then have a chance to anaesthetize, monitor, and recover a rat or mouse under direct supervision.


This session will introduce participants to the use of anaesthesia in rodents. Participants will learn: 

  • About injectable and inhalant anaesthesia for laboratory rodents
  • About pre and post-anaesthetic considerations, analgesia, and anaesthetic monitoring
  • How to safely and effectively perform anaesthesia on laboratory rodents


The following course MUST be completed prior to attending UACC Practical Skills: Rodent Anaesthesia

  • UACC Practical Skills: Rodent Handling

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